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Matka Game Rates

  • SINGLE 10 ka 1

  • JODI 10 ka 1

  • SINGLE PATTI 10 ka 1

  • DOUBLE PATTI 10 ka 1

  • TRIPPLE PATTI 10 ka 1

  • HALF SANGAM 10 ka 1

  • FULL SANGAM 10 ka 1

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Live results on all the online matka play markets, every day on Matka Play

Here at MatkaPlay we don't like matka, we love it. Our consistant aim to match your obsession and passion for the game by bringing the best in online matka, from kalyan and other major houses. We cover almost all the major matka play markets including rajdhani, kalyan, main ratan and navratna.

There are other markets that are also avialable along side the above mentioned, across dozens of others. All these can be accessed through our web application matkaplay, Meaning you can easily bid weather you are at home or busy with some other work.

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The exact orgins of matka re unknown, but historians belive that matka originated from india and was played informally amount communities and villages. With the origin and birth home of matka being right here in india. We brign exponential knowledge in online matka playing.

With our knowledge in the matka game, you will find every feature in our application useful and helpful. Providing competitive rates and the best user experience to our users has been the main goal all along.

Why Choose Us

We gladly would appretiate that there are a lot of matka play sites out there, but we strongly trust that stands out from the rest.

We offer a unique platform and this is our fundamental offering. Our platfrom is mobile and user friendly. Hence, navigating through our website is as easy as learning numerics. We offer an online matka play app what works on both android and ios platforms.

Our fantastic website serves various range of matka play markets and games that are backed by the best matka game owners. along with insider news and special offers we are an all in one matka play destination.

Are you interested in the thrill of matka games, at matka play we offer various online matka play classics such as single, jodi, single patti and double patti. All these online matka games are new to online matka play.

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